Neyzara was only explored and settled within the past 400 years. It’s first 200 years are known as the Age of Adventurers, for the man great people who worked to explore and civilize the continent. Many of the oldest cities have a strong connection with this time period and its many heroes.

After the dust of settlement settled, small factions began to form amongst the various, scattered city-states. A few proud states obdurately remained independent, while other larger factions began form. This would slowly signal the end of the great era of exploration known as the Age of Adventures.

The first of what would later become known as the Three Great Nations, began from a relatively small group of religious settlers. The group known in these early days as the Cult of Helios, spread their influence and religion with a fervor and fanaticism that would make their deity proud. Within 20 years of the end of the Age of Adventures, the Cult of Helios control much of the northern part of Neyzara, and blossomed into the flourishing society now known as The Northern Solar Monarchy.

Also most in response to the formation of The Northern Solar Monarchy, the hard people who had settled the cold south began to band together in increasing numbers. The people of the south had always needed to help one another to survive. But what was once a loose collection of city-states and towns began to form a nation of its own, for fear of northern oppression. Having seen how rapidly a small group of fanatics had taken over the entire north, the people of south had no illusions about the hardships that would befall them when the Cult of Helios turned its eyes south. With none wishing to accept their strange fire god or their “foreign” customs, the people of the south quickly placed strong, stern men in a central leadership positions. The Southern Dominion’s first order of business as nation was to fortify their borders against what they believed to be, an imminent invasion from the north…

It is unclear who attacked whom, but shortly after the formation of The Southern Dominion a Northern Survey team and a Southern Advanced Border Patrol, collided and decimated one another. This event would forever be remembered as the starting point of the Age Old War, which still rages to this day. Although the war began North against South, today there is another player in this great conflict…

The first few years of fighting had been hard years, not just for the fighting but for crops. With both nations coffers and people exhausted by the near stalemate in the Contested Lands between the two nations, they began to look for on alternate avenues and ways to replenish their coffers. Both nations eventually turned the wild lands of the east.

The eastern half of Neyzara has many environments deemed by the first explorers deemed to be unsettle-able. Covered, by savage jungles, wicked deserts, cruel mountains, and a host of bizarre islands. In the rush of settlement, most avoided these rough lands. Because of this, many of Neyzara’s native humanoids (deemed by the new settlers to be ‘monstrous’) found themselves an unlikely new home after their old ones had been taken from them. A few odd and adventurous settlers did choose to live in the east but preferred to blend peacefully with the other species that inhabited those lands.

But the harsh climes could not keep these safe forever. The harsh land not only sheltered refuges, but many valuable natural resources, which drew the attention of the two warring nations. As a temporary peace was instated in the Contested Lands for the harvest season, the war secretly continued on this new eastern front.

Horrid raids from both the North and the South began to once again drive the various Eastern tribes from their homes. Many elders from these tribes still bore the scars of being driven from their home during the Great Colonization and they did not wish to be tread on again. One such elder was the Centaur Chieftain, Garruk who ran tribe to tribe, clan to clan tracking down every leader in the East. After proving himself to each through many different types of trials he convinced them all to meet, in what would be the first Clan’s Moot.

After much diplomatic effort, the clans of the east united to become The Eastern Federation. They swiftly drove the invaders from their lands, and what once supposed to a temporary alliance found that there was much more power in unity than they’d ever imagined. So against all the diversity, bias, cultural difference they stayed united, .

And unity was easy since they all still wanted the same things, to drive the invaders off their lands, to reclaim their ancestral homes, and to great revenge on those who stole them in the first place. And they still do to this day.

And thus the Age Old War gained its third major player The Eastern Federation. It has been raging ever since. Generations have come and gone and still the Continent of Neyzara is still embroiled in conflict to this day.

The Three Great Nations

The Northern Solar Monarchy
The Southern Dominion
The Eastern Federation

The Contested Lands

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