Ohara, the Lifegiver, Godess of Life and Healing (Neutral, Good)

All loving and pacifistic, Ohara excepts all who wish to shun violence and mend the evil it has done. She was one of the original god during the Creation and along with her brother god Dain, made the ancestors of almost all life in existence. She has been sadden for eons since, as her gifts of life have been squandered, wasted, and misused for violence. She and her followers seek to mend the evils done and reform those who do them. Her healers a meant to help the living without prejudice, and as such her devout command respect and peaceful treatment from all but the most heinous groups.


[+1] The healing of any creatures (especially enemies, or those who were once enemies)

[+2] The ritual destruction of weapons. Tools which exist only take life are all an abominations to Ohanna.

[+2] The destruction of undead creatures, who existence makes a mock of life and can only bring more death.

[+3] Pacifying an enemy, few things make Ohanna more please than foes becoming friends.


[-1] Harming a non-hostile creature

[-3] Slaying a creature or allowing a creature to die


[+1] Healing Touch – Healing a hostile creature will also have a chance of pacifying it or even making it friendly to the follower. These

[+2] Healing Lore – Ranged Heal, Debuff Removal, Bigger heals, HP transfer

[+2] Forced non-Violence

[+3] Sanctuary – Creates a zone where no creature may to
hostile actions and also that keeps out
almost all hostile spells.

[+3] Benevolent Blessings – Shields, Buffs, etc.

[+4] Sacred Healing Lore – Ranged everything, Mass everything, bigger heals

[+4] Lay on Hands – Self-sac heal/revive

[+5] Blood of the Martyr – Temporarily strengthens all heals, heals creatures all around when user takes damage, can use own blood (self damage) to give massive boosts to heals, allows regeneration. (Exhaustion afterward, think Tsunade)


[+1] Unless disguised or otherwise hidden, followers of Ohanna are treated with respect and a kinder hand than others almost anywhere they go. As such they almost always receive accommodations, gifts for their services. Even while captured by all but the most heinous of foes, they generally receive much more lenient treatment due to their pacifist ways and healing abilities.

[+1] Merciful Ohara, will sometimes shield her followers from fatal damage.

[+4] Ohara will bestow her followers with greatly increased vigor so none may stop the their spread of peace.


Its is rare for Ohara to punish any but the most heinous offenders of her principals.

[-1] Revulsion to Violence – Followers of Ohanna generally become quite accustom to being a hand which gives life. If they go back on their pacifism or take a particularly violent
action, they are temporarily revolted with themselves so much that actually become physically ill and unable to act for a moment two.

[-2] Forced Pacifism – Ohanna will either overcome the offender with fear or paralysis to force them to dwell on their actions and how best to repair the damage they’ve done
[-3] Draining of Vitality – For terrible offenses Ohanna source of life, will do that which she most loathes to do, take back her gift. She will slowly drain the very lifeforce from the offender in hopes that they will understand the pain they’ve caused.


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