Jivya, the Shapeless, God of Oozes (Chaotic, Neutral)

Jivya, is a lesser god, only recently discovered by most of sentient
world. She is a shapeless, chaotic god who watches over
the various ooze creatures of the world. She promotes
relentless consumption and growth for her followers and

Followers’ Conduct

There is no particular order to Jivya’s followers, partially because
most are mindless oozes. Amongst sentient followers gluttony,
greed, and unity seem to the only notable commonalities.


[+1] Allowing ooze creatures to consume items
[+3] Higher value items will gain more favor with Jivya, especially
magic items.


[-1] Inactivity, followers of Jivya must constantly consume and
enable oozes to consume to please Jivya.

[-2] Allowing another creature to harm an ooze creature.

[-3] Harming your fellow oozes.


[+1] Jivya followers can summon oozes to consume items as a sacrifice
to Jivya. These oozes will fiercely defend Jivya more beloved

[+2] Followers can pray to Jivya to paralyze ooze creatures, useful for
stopping them from consuming particularly important items.
[+3] Slime Brand – Jivya temporarily coats a weapon in acidic slime that deals bonus
a creature slain by such a weapon will dissolve into a gel that with form
a new ooze creature (friendly to Jivya’s followers).

[+4] Jivya the Shapeless grants her followers some control over their
physiology allowing them to remove any changes to their form
at will, including effects like the polymorph spell and the
mutations Jivya herself bestows.


[+1] For her non-ooze followers Jivya, bestows the greatest gift,
[+2] making their anatomy closer to that of a shapeless ooze. As they
[+3] gain more favor, Jivya will cause a variety of (most beneficial)
[+4] mutations to her follower to make them more like oozes, from
[+5] malleable bodies, to acidic secretions, being able to consume
items to regain health, all the way to being able to split off
friendly oozes.


[-1] Painful acidic secretions.
[-3] Terrible body twisting mutations, as well as removal of the
beneficial ones.


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