Helios, The One True God of the Sun (Chaotic, Good)

Outsiders to the church of Helios have been known to distinguish
Helios as overzealous, jealous, and narrow-minded. The same
outsiders would say the same about his followers, though never in
their earshot. At his core however, his intention, to
eradicate evil wherever it may exist, is good. In this he remains
a single minded crusader only capable of burning away his

He is amazingly effective at doing this and is
by far the most active of the gods in their crusade against
evil. He is also very generous with followers who share his
fervor. Strict and narrow-minded tenants, however, keep his following somewhat limited in their diversity. Among these, that arcane magics, as power not born from the generous warmth of Helios himself is forbidden for his followers.


[+1] Spreading the Light, followers should cover any space they
occupy with as much bright light as possible.

[+2] Slaying evil creatures or evil-doers

[+3] Slaying heretic priests or sorcerers (religious figures of
any other religion, though other good gods clergy may be


[-1] Tolerating travel or staying in darkness.

[-2] Tolerating evils being done, or evil creatures (undead,
demons, creatures born of darkness, sorcerers, etc.)

[-2] Performing magic or invoking the power of another god.

[-4] Participating in any heretical activity (magical rituals,
ritual of other religions, especially of non-good Gods,
doing evil unto another creature)


[+1] Cleansing Flame – Followers of Helios can wield a holy flame that is amazingly effective against evil creatures (demons, devils, and undead). Those already pure of heart have less to fear from these holy flames, which have even been known to remove certain afflictions from the devout.

[+2] Shield From Harm – Ever merciful to his own, Helios sometimes shields his faithful followers from fatal damage.

[+4] Summon Seraph – Hallowed of Helios may call on Blazing Seraphs for aid when in need on their crusade. Equally skilled in healing and slaying evil, these Blazing Seraphs are formidable allies.


[+2] Halo of Light – True believers are surrounded by a ring of inextinguishable bright light, that grows larger as the faith of the devout increases.
+2 Creatures are easier to strike under the light.
+3 It is impossible to remain invisible under the light.
+4 It is impossible to lie under the light.

[+3] Inquisitor’s Armor – Helios will bolster your defenses against the invocations of false gods and vile magics. (Note Helios believes all magic is ‘vile’).

[+5] Bless Weapon – Helios will bless one weapon for his most sacred crusaders, transforming it into a powerful weapon of Cleansing Flame.


[+1] Scourged with Flame – The repentant is smote with Cleansing Flame to make them reflect on their wrong-doings.

[+3] Light of Penance – Encircled with a halo of holy light, that gives you foes the benefits of the regular Halo of Light ability

[+4] Blazing Justice – Hostile Blazing Seraphs will be summoned for aggregous offenses to mercilessly dispatch the offender.


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