Dain, the Slain God of Death (Neutral, Evil)

Dain was born the brother of the Godess Ohara, also a master of weaving
lifeforce. In the world’s begining, Dain along with his sister set about
creating the various mortal creatures. Wheras Ohara was content to make
boring herbavoires and plant life, Dain prefered to create predators,
life that could truly dominate other life and be called the strongest.
Dain was a perfectionist, and went on crafting more and more powerful
and fearsome predators. Eventuallly, he crafted a creature so strong
that it struck one of the gods and was able to wound him. This event
caused the other gods to question his work as dangerous. Helios roused
a few of the other good Gods to action against Dain, against Ohara’s
protest. Dain was outnumbered and “Slain” by the other gods, casting
him out from the heavens and forever removing his ability to create new

He lay in the under world depressed and infuriated for many eons after
the creation of the world. Until one day he an old creatation of his
found its way to him in his new home. The creature was a proud and
powerful beast, but on its last legs. As he observed the creature
he realized he could still feel the intracies of its lifeforce like
the day he’d made the beast. And it was as the creature breathed its
last, that it occured to him that though he could no longer create,
he still manipulate existing life force as well as he ever could.
So well in fact, that he rose the creature to new life. Not a true
new life, but one that transcended the old. He then resolved to
grow a following of these beings of ‘unlife’ and return to the
heavens with a crusade of his own…


[+1] Bringing death to any living creature.
[+1] Dain loves to see the dead put use, and will appreciate you raising
the corpses.
[+3] Killing and reanimating any who are in service of a good god will
delight Dain.


[-1] Dain prefers more active followers for his crusade against the
living. Long periods with out with taking a life are not

[-2] Dain despises having new souls taken from his grasp, and will be
angered by any of his followers that save someone from dying.

[-4] And be even more furious if they should bring someone back to life
rather than welcoming them into undeath.


[+1] Death Knell – Instantly slays any dying creature, and infuses the
user with some of their essence.
[+1] Raise Dead – Dain infuses remains with necromantic energy,
granting you a temporary servant.
[+2] Death Coil – Dain allows his followers to hurl powerful bolts of
negative energy that slay the living and restore
the dead.
[+3] Greater Raise Dead – Dain sends down a wave of necromantic energy that
instantly reanimates every corpse, husk or skeleton in the area, albeit for a more
brief servitude than Raise Dead.


[+2] Bolster Undead – Dain, preserves your undead servants making
them last longer, making them resistant to turning,
and at higher levels plain stronger than they were in life
[+4] Soul-Bound Undead – For his elite followers Dain will actually
reliquish the soul of one individual and bind it in to
his follower, granting a permanent non-mindless
undead minion.
[+5] Transcend Life


[-2] Rotting of an unrepentant follower’s flesh
[-2] Raising of the nearby dead as hostile zombies and skeletons
[-3] Being smitten by death coil


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