Accursed Brotherhood


To the youth living in the various flavors of oppression offered by The Three Great Nations, life in the Free Cities seems to hold whatever it is they desire. Many of bold youths leave their home nation seeking a new life in the Free Cities. They leave in search of all sorts of things, wealth, fame, power, or just simply freedom. Aye, they leave and they leave their elders shaking their heads. For they know much of what those eager youngsters will find on their journey will be hardship. For they know that in these times of war, the Great Nations are loath to let young able bodies and bright minds leave.

You were one such of these youths, and your destination was Arberdeen, most illustrious of the 4 Free Cities. Arberdeen was the only of the Free Cities to fight for its independence, and it is a city of proud and ambitious fighters. It is here you believed you’d find whatever you desired but could not have in your homeland.

Aye, leaving your hometown was tough. Aye, sneaking across the border of your mother nation, that was tougher. But the closer to Aberdeen you got, you slowly met more like yourself. People seeking a new life in the Free Cities. There were some like yourself, others who had fled or deserted from the great War, some with their possessions carefully stuffed in a pack, other with just the clothes on their back. But slowly, a happy little band of Displaced began to form. The caravan neared its destination with hope for a new life in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The caravan was halted by a scouting party from the Southern Dominion, with Arberdeen just within sight. So close yet so far. Whispers went up and down the caravan, some recognized the robed men from the Dominion as necromancers. While the leaders of the patrol were discussing which of many terrible fates should befall the Displaced, the commotion attracted the attention of another patrol. A patrol from the North. Eager to strike a blow at their age old foes the Templars from the north swiftly ambushed the necromancers, and a chaotic melee broke out.

Aye, watching the better part of people you’d gotten to know over the past month be cut down was tough. Aye, seeing them rise again, slaves of some bloodthirsty mage, forced to kill and be cut down again, that was tougher. But you were one of the lucky ones. You’d learned to fight in your own way before leaving on your adventure. You were one of the lucky one’s, you struggled long enough for the light to arrive.

Conrad Dyson, renown hero of Arberdeen’s rebellion and his small squad arrived with the dawn. He cutting through the ranks of the two Nations’ armies with calculated fury, while avoiding the tired refugees with a mother’s care. His swordplay was fluid like you’d ever seen, cutting down two or three foes in one swift stroke. After his squad had crushed the two Nation’s forces, he sadly surveyed the survivors. “You’ve all seen first-hand now, the monsters the Nations have become in order to fight one another. In Arberdeen, we need brave men to fend of those monsters. Join the ranks of the Sons of Liberty and you may call Arberdeen your home, but for those tired of fighting Arberdeen is not your home.” Few left.

And finally he looked over those who remained he spoke, “Aye, you’ve all seen horrid things today, and that’s tough I grant you. I wish I could say your days battling monsters and horrors were over. But the toughest thing of all isn’t the hardships you’ll face. Its dealing with what kind of monster they could make you become.”


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