Syph Mecca

Syph Mecca, the Loreminder, God of Magic and Learning: (True Neutral)


[+1] Timespent studying. Followers of Syph Mecca spend much of their free time studying new magics or lore
[+2] Syph Mecca, greatly appreciates her followers teaching others or getting them to read.


[-1] Syph Mecca, dislikes her followers acting barbarically in combat (using attacks other than magic).

[-2] Syph Mecca despises the destruction of books


[+1] Divine Lore = Syph blesses her followers with knowledge in times of need

[+3] Energy Channeling = Syph allows her followers to channel their vitality into more magical energy, allowing them to restore their lost spells


[+2] Spontaneous Casting = Syph Mecca grants her followers the ability to refocus their magical energies, giving up a previously prepared spell to cast a different one of the same level. Number of uses per day raises at 3], [4], and [+5].


[-1] The unfaithful will be cursed with forgetfulness
[-2] Syph Mecca will tamper with rogue followers spellcasts, meaning they may miscast their spells.
[-3] To varying levels of peril.

Syph Mecca

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