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Welcome to the wiki!

Here will be some stuff useful for creating your character’s back story, as well as useful information about the world. Remember some bonuses will be given out for characters with particularly interesting/funny/in-depth backgrounds.


What deity your character will actually be relevant in this mini-adventure! Each has different, grand rewards and powers they can grant you as well as a loose code of conduct (or misconduct) they like their worshipers to follow. I strongly encourage you to choose a god to worship! Also never fear Clerics, just because everyone can invoke the powers of gods in this setting doesn’t mean the Cleric class is pointless. Clerics can wield much more powerful versions of most god powers and invoke the powers of deities far more liberally.


Another important part of your character is where they come from. Here you’ll find plenty of info about the different place on the continent of Neyzara. The each character has his/her own reason for embarking on this adventure, no matter how far they’ve traveled to get to Arberdeen (the forward explaining the start of the adventure is posted in the first adventure log).


Learn more about the majestic city where our mini-adventure will occur! More will be added to this page if anyone after making their character would like to attempt an Intelligence check to determine if they know more.

Main Page

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