The Pantheon of Gods

The gods in this campaign will play with the mortal world, because frankly, its more fun that way. So which god your character decides to worship (if any) will have tangible benefits and restrictions. The Gods will grant you access to incredible powers if you hold their favor. The gods, however, do not wish to have weak followers who only constantly rely on the god’s power to save them, so more you call on your god for help, the less they will hold your character in esteem. Also acting in a way not in accord with your god’s principles might cause you to fall from their graces.

Your start favor with a god will depend on how closely your alignment lines up with theirs but, after that its all about the actions you take.—

This system is meant to give characters other than clerics the chance to call on the powers of their god and have a religion that is more than cosmetic. That being said,
Clerics will still enjoy a closer than average relationship with the god they worship, having either less costly access to the same powers as the common worshipper and even being able to wield divine powers to greater effect.

Good Gods

Cid El Jugazr, The Law Giver (Lawful-Good)
Ohana, The Life-Crafter (Neutral-Good)
Helios, The Lightbringer, the One True God of the Sun (Chaotic Good)

Neutral Gods

Akubarra, The God of Sacred Combat (Lawful-Neutral)
Barthus, The God of Celebration and Drunken Revelry (Chaotic-Neutral)
Cheibriados, the Contemplative, God of Time (Lawful-Neutral)
Syph Mecca, The Loreminder, Goddess of Learning and Magic (True-Neutral)
Chrolm, the Untamed, God of the Wilds (Chaotic-Neutral)
Jivya, the Shapeless Goddess of Oozes (Chaotic-Neutral)
Xom, God of Chaos and Luck (Chaotic-Neutral)

Evil Gods

Dispater, the Iron Fist, God of Tyranny (Lawful-Evil)
Dain, the Slain God of Death (Neutral-Evil)
Exitus, the Bloody Storm, God of Destruction (Chaotic-Evil)


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