Dispater, the Iron Fist, God of Tyranny (Lawful, Evil)


[+1] The killing of living creatures

[+2] Becoming the ruling leader of any group you are a part of.

Also growing the group you lead with new subordinates.

[+2] Taking slaves.

[+4] Conquering or capturing a keep, town, or land.


[-1] Inactivity, Dispater’s followers must always seek blood and

[-2] Tolerating a lack of order, especially amongst your

[-2] Acting erractically, or without reason

[-2] Showing weakness to/betraying a subordinate

[-3] Showing mercy

[-4] Breaking a rule that you yourself created.


[+1] Iron Smite – Iron is sacred to Dispater and weapons made
purely of iron are particularly deadly in the hands of
his followers
[+3] Iron Skin – Dispater’s followers can temporarily form
a skin iron that deflects most weapons
[+4] Iron Ruler – You gain the ability to have control over
metals around you for short periods of time.


[+1] Devout of Dispater usually have some form of land holdings
[+2] usually a keep or fortress of some sort, along with
[+3] an order of subordinates. As Dispater becomes pleased
[+4] with these minature Iron Orders, he’ll outfit them with
[+5] powerful gifts and bolster their ranks with his own


[-2] Summon various devils (Iron imps, Eriynes, etc. )

[-4] For particularly heinous offenses a follower of
Dispaters’s own order will seek to overthrow
or kil them, and Dispater will aid this insurection
if he believes it just


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