Cid el Jugazr, God of Order(Lawful, Good)


As the patron god of civilization and large cities, there is a
temple to Cid in most large cities. It order will usually try and
work closely with the city to expand and enforce order. There are
however, many who find Cid’s tennents to be too constrictive, or
the work of constantly working to expand society too tiring. As
such, his is not the largest religion out there, but it does have
great reach and power.


[+1] Cid loves the building of cities, churches, and monuments. He
realizes, however that not every follow has the time or means
to do these things and thus accepts and appreciates donations
to his church.

[+3] Slaying of any servants of chaos


[-1] Tolerating those who break or subvert the law
[-2] Breaking the law
[-2] Harming the innocent
[-3] Attacking authority figures
[-4] Willingly deforming oneself in any way
[-4] Using evil or chaotic magics


[+1] Purification – Can purify the one’s own body of corruption,
taint, poisons or disease. This process is quite
intense for the reciptent

[+2] Invoke Axiom – Invoking one of the various axioms of law
has various powerful effects against the creatures and
servants of chaos and evil.

[+3] Greater Purification – A more powerful, fast, and complete

[+5] Invoke Order


[+1] Protection from the chaotic magics, and other causes that could
ruin the purity of one’s body (polymorph, lycanthropy,
shapeshifting, etc.)

[+2] Cid el Jugazr will occasionally shield his followers from fatal

[+3] Beloved followers of Cid can always find many free services
(a place to stay, healing, mending of equipment, etc.) in any
city where Cid’s temple has a major presence.

[+4] Protection from most evil and chaotic magics.


[-1] Cid will first demand a fee to absolve one’s sins and only
visit punishment on a wayward follower if they fail to


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