Chrolm the Untamed, God of the Wild (Chaotic, Neutral)

The god of beasts, plants and everything wild. He is the
preffered god of Barbarians, Druids, Exploers or any who
wish to scorn society. Also a of the Patron God of Lycanthropes.
Chrolm promotes the exploration and preservation of the wildest
places in the world. He is also a proponent of simple ways of
life and order. Not entirely a chaotic god, he and his followers
just believe in the simplest and oldest form of order: the
strongest rule. High society and civilazation are seen as the
enemies of nature by Chrolm’s order. Because of their hatred for


[+1] Exploring new places, especially partiuclarly exotic or
unexplored locales.

[+2] Slaying a particularly powerful wild beast and then consuming

[+2] Slaying undead and other such abomination who’s exsistance goes
against the natural order.

[3+] Killing peole who build and perpetuate society, such as
Mayors or really any authority figure as well as builders,
lumberjacks, and others who destroy nature


[-1] Embracing society, or obeying man-made rules and conventions
such as: Sleeping indoors, feeling a need to wear clothes
in public or a need to dress up for certain people, Obeying
the orders of one weaker than yourself, and many other

[-1] Idly staying in any civilized area for any extended period of
time is frowned up.

[-2] Chrolm hates necromancy, as it breaks the normal cycle of
natural life. Raising or even allowing a creature to be
raised into unlife will anger Chrolm. You may pray over
a creatures remains to return them to world so that no
such vile sorcerrery may be wrought upon them.

[-3] Actively destroying nature/the wild: Harming plant life for
any reason other than for food, hunting more than you need to
survive, building


[+1] Berserk Rage – Similar to a Barbarian’s Rage ability. If a
barbarian worships Chrolm, he instead
enhances their regular rage ability.

[+2] Nature’s Wrath – Summons various plants to hinder and damage
his followers foes

[+3] Packleader – After killing a wild pack animal, no matter
how feral, followers of Chrolm may try and
assert their dominance and become the new
pack leader.


[+1] Potentially dangerous plants will be neutral to you.

[+4] Feral Strength


[-1] Foliage will strikeout at and generally inhabit those who
wrong Chrolm

[-2] Summons hostile packs of wild, berserking animals.


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