Cheibriados, the Contemplative God of Time: (Lawful, Neutral)

Cheibriados the Contemplative, as the god who watches over time, has
an immense understanding of time and causality. Because of this
this understanding, he despises wastful creatures who hastily
rush through their time. He tries to compel all to quietly
contemplate the various mysteries of existence. All his followers
become incredibly wise, powerful, through gaining the understandings
he has blessed their meditationns with. His followers are not
many however, because few have the patience to spend the time and
though required for every small step and action that Chei demands.


[+1] Chei appreciates his followers spending time in contemplation
[+2] Chei appreciates his followers punishing overly hasty creatures
+3 More for particularly hasty or chaotic creatures


[-1] Chei dislikes his followers hurrying through things without
thought (taking a double move, running, acting without
thinking etc.)

[-3] Chei hates his followers being under the effect anything that makes
them overly hasty (the haste spell, potion of speed, etc.)


[+1] Forced Contemplation = Chei slows one or more creature in sight

[+2] Thinken Time = Deals unresistable damage one or more
creatures in sight based on how much
more quick the creature(s) are than the

[+4] Step From Time = Chei can even remove a creature from time’s
flow completely. The creature can spend what seems
like an eternity to it outside times flow, but will reappear at most minutes later.

[+5] Rewind = Though Chei loathes tampering with time’s flow, his highest
followers, have usually contemplated time’s mysteries enough to able to
undo just a few moments of time.


[+1] As one’s favor with Chei grows, Chei requires them to slow their
pace and contemplate progressively more. But he also blesses
them with great understanding of life and time’s mysteries
improving all their ability scores, especially Intelligence
and Wisdom, as their speed wanes. (Increases at +2, +3, +4
and +5)


[-1] The unfaithful will be smitten with Forced Contemplation
[-2] at a power level appropriate for their offense.


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