Barthus Fedash, God of Celebrations, Oddities and Drunkenness: (Chaotic, Neutral)

Though few in number, Barthus’ temples have been heard to be both wondrous and sordid. Home to a motley of perpetually drunken followers, they are palaces of feasts, fetishes and oddity. All sorts are accepted into his hollowed halls, which are bursting with bawdy tales, provided they accept all others who join in the sacred revelry. Barthus is the chosen deity of many vandals, lay-a-bouts, outcasts as well as a great many artists, and freethinkers.


[+1] Getting others to join in your perpetual celebration
[+2] Making friend from foes with the fortuitous force of festivity
[+2] Plaguing those who confine themselves and others with rigid social customs


[-1] Sobriety
[-1] Restricting oneself or conforming to customs
[-2] Judging or forcing restrictions upon others


[+1] Conjure Drink/Feast

[+3] Fedash’s Intoxication: This powerful incantation converts a small percentage of each non-mindless creature’s brain matter into alcohol. Makes a great ice-breaker at parties.


[+1] Barthus’ followers have a greater fortitude for drink and have much greater fortitude once they’ve had a few to drink
[+2] Barthus provides loyal followers a band of fey minstrels, which grows in size and skill as Barthus’ regard of that follower rises. The minstrels are useful for many reasons such as, creating merriment, pestering one’s enemies, and espionage, to name a few.
[+4] With intimate knowledge the drunken mind gained through long worship of Barthus, his followers gain advantage on any charisma-based check attempted on any NPC who is buzzed or more.
[+5] Exemplary Followers of Barthus gain heroic abilities while drunk gaining a +2 to Strength, Constitution, and Charisma.


[-1] Have you ever had a hangover induced by a god? Yeah its bad.
[-2] Those who’ve been wronged Barthus are plagued by his followers and minions who incessantly pull the offender into a world of drink and revelry, thus distracting from them from their quest/life until they atone.
[-3] Followers who perform some major betrayal against Barthus and his ways have the misfortune of having the alcohol flowing through their very veins ignited.


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