Arberdeen, the City of Adventurers

The site of our adventure! One of the oldest of the free cities, Arberdeen used to be a major trade city and travel hub before the Age of Old war made The Contested Lands a far less pleasant area to travel through.

In antiquity Arberdeen had been a center for free thought, as well as martial and magical experimentation and developement. Many well known adventurers from the Passed Age of Peace still had strong ties and much love for Arberdeen. This kept any of the Three Nations from trying to lay claim to Arberdeen during the first few generations of the War. Arberdeen soon proved however, to not be immune to the ravages of the War of Ages.

The Solar Monarchy stuck first, trying to take Arberdeen for it’s own after Diplomatic negotiations failed. The supposed diplomats threw open the gates and Arberdeen would’ve been sacked had its population not valiantly defended their city. The joy of driving the invaders out was short lived, as the other two nations, seeing at Arberdeen was weakened launched attacks of their own. Arberdeen eventually suffered the same fate as other cities in The Contested Lands, being passed from Nation to Nation as the War of Ages ebbed and flowed. Luckily Arberdeen’s history was respect and the city itself was done little damage. Its people were not always so lucky…

Within the last generation, Arberdeen rose like a phoenix to become a free city of free thought and progress once more. It was all thanks to the Sons of Liberty and the many who gave their lives during the War of Liberty.


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