Akubarra, God of Sacred Combat: (Lawful, Neutral)

Akubarra’s follows feel most at home on the battlefield. They
take no great please in slaughter, but instead only lust for
a powerful opponent. Always seeking a greater challenge,
followers of Akubarra resent those who give themselves unfair
advantages in a battle. They prefer single combat, which for
them, is a holy ritual around which everything revolves. Single
combat chooses their leaders and decides their criminal
trials. Their is a violent religion, but one bound by honor
and tradition.


[+1] Defeating enemies in combat
[+2] Punishing enemies who fight dirty
[+3] Defeating a great foe in single combat


[-1] Inactivity, long periods without a fight
[-2] Followers taking part in unfair fights (sneak attacks, ambushes)
[-2] Followers allowing their allies to fall in combat
[-3] Followers willingly attacking/endangering their allies


[+1] Strength = Akubarra can grant his followers great but
temporary strength

[+2] Heroic Skill = Akubarra can elevate his follower’s combat
skills to heroic proportions, giving an
all around boost.

[+4] Battle Alacrity = Akubarra most hallowed followers can
achieve such great speed, they become
a hurricane of steel on the battlefield


[+3] May gift his most favored followers magical weapons and armor


[-1] He may sap the strength of the unworthy
[-3] For particularly bad offenses, Akubarra offer a chance at
quick redemption by summoning several hostile worthy
opponents for the offender.


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